Atheologia Germanica

Eva Clanculator. Atheologia Germanica. ISBN-13: 978-0615669748. gnOme books. 2012. 114 pp. $5.00.

Woe unto them that call good evil, and evil good; that put light for darkness, and darkness for light.

An inverted version of the 14th-century mystical classic. “And as soon as a man turns himself in spirit, and with his whole heart and mind enters into the mind of God which is above eternity, all that ever he hath lost is restored in a moment. And if a man were to do thus a thousand times in a day, each time a fresh and real separation would take place; and in this sweet and divine work stands the truest and fullest separation that may be in this present eternity. For he who hath attained thereto, asks nothing further, for he hath found the Kingdom of Hell and Eternal Death on earth” (Chapter VII). Turn, convert to the woe.

“Clanculator’s experiment/prank perverts the blindly worshipful mysticism of its source text and winds up creating a wholly new treatise, something all-too-disturbingly fit for our modern world.” — David Peak

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