How to Stay in Hell

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Y. O. U.. How to Stay in Hell: Inspiring Instructions for Daily Living. ISBN-13: 978-0615953236 ISBN-10: 0615953239. gnOme, 2014. 36 pages. $6.66.

Hell is a special place. Some people say that God created Hell, but Hell is more special than that.

“An exceptional step by step guide for living a life of true and open awareness within the confines of this earthly world, How to Stay in Hell cuts deep to the heart of existence and eschews the binary simplicity of classic fire and brimstone hellscapes for the more tangible reality of Hell; the Hell of this very Being. Following the traditions of self-realization and self-actualization, How to Stay in Hell is sure to become an indispensable blueprint for personal achievement alongside Musashi’s The Book of Five Rings, or Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. Don’t just stay in Hell, Master staying in Hell.” –V.C. Dark Magus Emeritus of the Order of the Black Mark

“…all the terrible and beneficent forces of mysterious Nature whose dark secret powers keep your life dynamically in place each moment of your life, waking you up in the morning and putting you to sleep at night, filling our bodies with pleasure and pain, our imaginations with fantasy and nightmare, our minds with ideas and anxieties. We are talking about the impossible everything that holds the whole universe in place around the single finite pole of you.” Kant by way of Vernon Howard, How to Stay in Hell should be required reading for anyone who refuses to let go of the idea that art’s greatest responsibility is to affirm life or that living life in itself is an art. Of course, thankfully, neither of those statements are true.” — David Peak, author of The River Through the Trees

“A short tract of pessimist self-help which cuts to the heart of the mundane of horror of being you. Through a series of twenty affirmations of some of humanity’s most essential sick habits — e.g. ‘believing in yourself’, ‘making plans’, ‘practicing the personal touch’, ‘cherishing one’s opinion’ — the text provides a clear and effective guide for STAYING IN HELL. The book will make you laugh, because it is true. But it is not funny, the joke is on you.” – Törpe Könyvek

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