The Immortal Masquerade

Praeceptor Alluvius. The Immortal Masquerade. ISBN: 979-8373676243. 104pp. gnOme. 2023

The Immortal Masquerade was the predominant creation myth of the dark age following the fall of the American Roman Empire. Many versions circulated but only one remains fully intact, recorded by the Praeceptor. It is a curious myth, a crude allegory on the mystical formation of identity. One that reflects the American’s longing for great and bountiful times, their faith in a meaning beyond their lives, incomprehensible as it may be, and their unwavering hope in what is strong. It is their brute attempt to comprehend that most ancient struggle between light and dark, told in a simplistic tale of Arcadia and the faces that play in the Immortal Masquerade.

Praeceptor Alluvius made pilgrimage across the country in the years thereafter the fall of the American Roman Empire. And in the wake of ruins from coast-to-coast he did travel, putting their stories to pen. The war had finally ground to a bloodied halt, the will of the people was crushed, and then began the great wandering of a disillusioned and hungry mass. The fires smoldered, the smoke cleared, and the wastelands began to sprout life anew, but this was no life enough to fulfill their starving figures. And so, they wandered, they subsisted on little, and around the campfires they told mythical stories of times past and times to come.